Hospitality Management Forms and Guidelines

  • Here are the course descriptions, curriculum checklists, and pre-internship and internship guidelines for Department of Hospitality Management students.

  • HRIM Controlled Electives
    This is the list and description of all HRIM Controlled Electives.
    HOSP Curriculum Degree Check Out Sheet
    Degree Check Out Sheet for students majoring in Hospitality Management.
    HRIM Internship Guidelines
    All HRIM majors are required to complete an Internship.  This guideline includes important information for all majors.
    HRIM Pre-Internship Information and Form
    All HRIM students are required to complete a Pre-Internship Work Experience.  This document explains all Department policies and procedures.  In addition, the form to be completed and submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator may be saved and printed for the student's convenience.
    HOSP Recommended Student Course Sequence
    This is the recommended course sequence for HOSP majors.
    Required HRIM Course Descriptions
    This is the description of all Department of Hospitality Management required courses.