Study Abroad

  • Always dreamed of living in England and visiting Stratford-on-Avon during the Shakespeare Festival? Does the thought of studying in Spanish at the University of Seville fire your imagination? Do you think you can’t afford it, or your parents would never agree to pay for it? Rose in Instanbul

    Well, at the Cook Honors College, this is very much in your reach. Many IUP foreign exchange programs cost the same as a semester or year at IUP, plus a plane ticket. And, for those who can’t spare a full semester or year for study abroad, both IUP and the CHC offer many options for summer study. Many students have received financial assistance through the CHC Achievement Fund.


    Hannah at her study-abroad experience

    Molly at her study-abroad

    Studying abroad isn’t reserved for foreign language majors. If you don’t think studying abroad would be a benefit to your major, think again. Art majors can gain great experiences studying in the best European art schools. Education majors might do part of their student teaching in Ireland or Denmark. Political science majors can study in DC or take classes in Spain to gain first-hand knowledge on how a country is run with both a king and a president. The possibilities are endless!