Cook Honors College Internships

  • We know . . . your head is already spinning just thinking about picking a college. It's hard to think about something like an internship. And why should you care?

    Well, here's why. Nationally, more than 80 percent of students complete an internship before gradation, and of that number, more than 65 percent complete two internships.

    These are the people you will be competing with someday, not just for jobs but for law school, graduate school, an MBA, and even for medical school. It's not enough just to attend a good school and earn top grades anymore. You also need to show professional experience.

    Shelley Cook Intern

    At the Cook Honors College, the internship support program offers the personal attention that will make the difference, and someday that will matter.

    Lucy Sheftel had an internship with NASDAQ—and that internship was instrumental in landing her a first job at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Paris. That’s just one example.

    During his internship at Georgetown University’s American Studies Institute on Political Journalism,  HC student William Harder researched and wrote articles about the Congo Basin, the eastern Himalayas, and the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines on behalf of World Wildlife Fund. His work led to receiving the Frank Shakespeare Award for Political Writing and a subsequent job with World Wildlife Fund, which hired him to continue working on its Congo Basin Project.

    “World Wildlife Fund allowed me to do real work at my internship,” said the Political Science and Journalism major from Coopersburg, Pa. “They did not just have me getting coffee or copying. They put me on real projects and assignments with real publications that I have to show for my work. I came away from this summer with a huge knowledge of foreign places and a great confidence in my skills and abilities.”

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