The Four-Year Plan

  • Throughout the first semester of Wednesday Workshops, you will build a plan of your dreams and how to get there, step by step. We call this the four-year plan. Think of it as a guide to help you think about what dreams you have and how, bite by bite, you can turn that dream into something realistic.

    We know most freshmen don’t know what they will do as a senior. “No one expects you to.” The idea here is to look at what’s out there and how you can fit it in. You don’t want to be the senior at the Honors College exit interview who says “I thought I was going to study abroad when I came to college, but somehow it just never happened.”

    After your freshman year, we place your dreams in your hands. The ongoing planning process requires a willingness to imagine, research, reflect, and revise. We still provide you with tools like this website, or other upperclassmen, or your professors, or Kevin Berezansky, but the main driving force behind your dreams has to be you. There are no Wednesday Workshops for upperclassmen; you are now living your four-year plan.

    We encourage upperclassmen students to pursue undergraduate theses, independent studies, community service, study abroad, and internship opportunities. If you're not sure where to look or how to go about finding those opportunities, schedule a visit with Kevin Berezansky (, and he can help you to sharpen your process.