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Cambridge International Summer Schools

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    Cambridge University offers eight different programs of study. Each of those programs lasts for two to four weeks during the summer; dates vary from year to year. See the list below for details:

    International Summer School Term I: Four weeks, July

    International Term II: Two weeks, August

    Art History: Three weeks, July

    History: Three weeks, July

    Shakespeare: Three weeks, July

    Science: Three weeks, July-August

    Medieval Studies: Three weeks, July-August

    English Literature: Three weeks, July-August


    Cambridge University, Cambridge, England


    The range of courses allows you to design a tailor-made curriculum which suits your individual needs and interests. You can focus on one subject area by selecting one of the three-week Summer Schools or by choosing complementary courses within Terms I and II of the interdisciplinary International Summer School. Alternatively, you can opt to explore a wide variety of unrelated subjects.


    No applicants under the age of eighteen during any part of the Summer Schools will be accepted. Proof of age and sight of passports may be required on registration.

    Apply To:

    Students need to complete both sides of the relevant application forms that are accessible online.