Research Experiences for Undergraduates: REUs

  • Chrysa MaloshDiscover your emerging scientific interests through hands-on research!

    Have you ever wanted to build robots, explore the evolution of sexual mimicry, dissect the mind/brain problem, or accelerate particles at high energies?   Carpe Diem.  Doing science means doing research, and there is no better way to find your passion as a scientist than by pursuing a Research Experience for Undergraduates. 

    REUs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from highly competitive programs like those funded by the National Science Foundation to informal on-campus opportunities.  Some will be open to freshmen – this is not just for upperclassmen.  Many will be paid.  Do more than one.

    Yes, an REU is just plain enjoyable in and of itself.  It’s also an excellent way to gain external credentials that will be valuable after you leave IUP. In fact, without doing some kind of REU as an undergraduate, you may not be competitive enough for admission to selective graduate programs or top jobs.   

    REUs completed by fellow students.