Bridget Widdowson, Personal Statement for Law School

  • Admitted to: 

    • University of Chicago Law
    • Berkeley Law
    • Temple Law
    • Villanova Law
    • Penn State Law
    • Pitt Law
    • Vanderbilt Law
    • Michigan State Law
    • University of Iowa
    • Boston College 

    Enrolled at:

    University of Chicago Law

    Personal Statement

    My father did not attend a four-year college or graduate school; as a result, I am eager to seek the knowledge that is available to me. He passed away when I was twelve years old; during that year, I did not even miss a day of school. Nine years later, my commitment to my studies has paid off with high exam grades and an opportunity to apply to _____ Law. I am disciplined to work diligently during tough times with logic skills that are instrumental to my coursework performance. I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Robert E. Cook Honors College, a program designed around an innovative curriculum of critical thinking instruction. While with the CHC, I had the chance to complete my senior synthesis course in Vienna, Austria, where I learned about the rich history of the Viennese fin-de-siècle. This study abroad experience has contributed to my standing as a well-rounded candidate worthy of law school admittance in the Ivy League.

    I find that studying law can be compared to solving an intricate puzzle. Despite the fifty-pound textbooks and the intensity of the LSAT, I recognize attending _____ Law as the ultimate opportunity. The challenge of law school is intimidating, but there is good reason for why I desire a distinguished professional career. After freshman year, I spent a month of the summer at the University of Nebraska’s LSAC PLUS Summer 2008 Pre-Law Undergraduate Institute. This program was remarkable, and I was the only student chosen from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. My classes included torts, discrimination, property, contracts, criminal law, and legal writing. I earned a top score on the final exams that were administered in discrimination and tort law. One summer later, I participated in the Widener Jurist Academy, which is a two-week-long summer camp that teaches minority students how to get into law school and pay for it. Completing the programs changed my outlook on the possibility of being a lawyer.

    After experiencing the life of a law student, I decided that I can and will spend the countless hours required to succeed in law school. I value the complexity of the insurance code law after being mentored by an accomplished insurance attorney. She explained the obstacles I may face upon graduation and provided strategies to persevere. These tried and true techniques for success are beneficial to my future as a competent attorney. During my time in Nebraska, I visited the Nebraska Supreme Court and was introduced to the Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Honorable Mike Heavican. His explanations transformed my perspective of the judicial branch of government. I developed an enthusiasm for the judicial process and the United States Supreme Court. My curiosity led me to enroll in the Judicial Process class offered by my university.

    As a student enrolled in the AmeriCorps Scholar in Service program, I committed myself to 450 hours of community service during the summer of 2010. This was accomplished through my volunteering in Philipsburg, Montana, for the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization called Project Vote Smart. Additionally, I volunteered for thirty hours per semester at Laurel Legal Services (a state-funded legal service) to observe the tasks of family lawyers. I discovered the passion required to assist underprivileged clientele. I opened case briefs and saw pictures of bruised and battered individuals petitioning for protection from abuse orders. Watching the lawyers provide service for others has inspired me to contribute my time volunteering for respectable organizations.

    I have an innate yearning to pursue a career in the legal profession, which has continued since I was an adolescent. As I learn about more difficult legal cases, my appreciation for law deepens. I do not want to study law solely because I aspire to become a lawyer; I want to be a well-educated legal scholar. I enjoy reading tedious case briefs and deciphering the complex details. Based on my qualifications, I ask that you consider me as a well-qualified candidate for the prestigious invitation to ____ Law School.