Cook Honors College Achievement Fund Guidelines and Expectations

  • As conceived by students, faculty, staff, and alumni, the Cook Honors College Achievement Fund is a small scholarship pool intended to support activities that enhance a student’s résumé and learning experience. Financial support for the Achievement Fund originates with Robert Cook as well as recent Honors College alumni.

    Enhancement activities are those that exceed standard curricular requirements and engage the student as a professional in his or her field. Examples include internships, conference presentation, scholarly publication, undergraduate research, study abroad, etc.

  • Achievement Fund Cover Sheet-1
    This coversheet must be completed and submitted with your Achievement Fund proposal.
    Sample Expenditure Sheet
    A sample of a cost breakdown which may accompany the financial overview in an achievement fund application.
    Sample Financial Overview
    An example of the financial overview required in an achievement fund application.
    Sample Achievement Application
    An example of a quality achievement fund proposal.