Thoughts of HC Parents

  • “The ‘Community of Scholars’ is not just words—it actually exists, and parents need to know how invaluable it is.

    “For our son, Josh, help is literally right down the hall day and night. He has received all of the personal attention from faculty any student could ever want, and speaks of them often with warmth and affection. He loves being able to talk to other honors students anytime, to bounce ideas off of them.

    “We don’t take this for granted. Our older son, Tom, graduated from another university. There really wasn’t a college atmosphere there due to the urban environment and safety concerns. And there were all the other obstacles: the huge size of classes and lots of graduate students for teachers instead of faculty. If he ever talked about a teacher, it was out of frustration, not affection.

    “My husband and I didn’t go to college, so it was especially difficult to help Tom when he had problems. I contrast this to IUP where, first, there have been no problems, and second, I was given a half dozen phone numbers to call at parent orientation if I needed help. I haven’t called yet, but I have mailed several thank-you notes for the many opportunities Josh has received.”
    Marcia Schneider

    “When Amy first read the original brochure describing the Honors College, she immediately recognized herself in that setting. If your child sees herself enjoying such an academic community, give her your full support.

    “The Honors College provides a wonderful environment for students with similar interests to excel through a wide variety of learning activities. They did a great job for our daughter. Great holistic approach, and the liberal arts at its finest!

    “Take advantage of all that is available, especially foreign travel and study. Amy went to Europe twice under this program, as did many of her friends. This was an experience we could not otherwise have provided to her. She learned and matured more through those trips than any other activity, and has a lifetime of memories.”
    Mr. John Matviya
    Parent and IUP Alumnus
    Class of 1973