• Chrysa:

    “I’ve taken science courses at three different types of universities: a large public-research-based university; a smaller private, state-related university; and IUP. IUP is the only one in which the professors were more interested in what you were doing than in what they were doing... There are profs who spend fifty hours a week preparing for a class just to make sure the information they teach us is up to date. If you put forth a real effort to succeed in your field, they will help make sure that you receive the maximum benefits of your work. You can stop in and chat with any of the professors when you happen to notice that they are in. To me, it feels like home.”


    “It’s not only about coming here and learning to think; it’s realizing that just because of where I came from, or just because my school wasn’t one of the top high schools in the country, doesn’t mean I can’t excel, that I can’t be...a leader of our country. I know it may sound really corny, but it made me realize that I honestly believe I can do anything.”


    “Upon my graduation from IUP’s Honors College, I had already presented papers at four conferences and published in a refereed journal usually limited to doctoral students and faculty. I credit the Honors College with both my success as an undergraduate and my success at Boston College in the finest Irish Studies program in the United States.

    “Not only was I among the minority of students in my graduate program with a tuition fellowship, but the skills I learned helped me find a scholarship to pay for summer study in Ireland and to build important relationships with my professors.

    “If you are considering entering graduate school, law school, or medical school, you can’t go wrong with the CHC. They taught me to succeed in any academic environment and how to be the kind or vibrant, contributing member in my field who will continue to succeed.”