Perspectives: Homeschooling Transition

  • Gabe:

    “[Applying to the Honors College] was relatively easy. The Honors College was enthusiastic about homeschoolers, liked my application and interview, and made it clear they were eager to have me as a student. My friend Emily Musser (who was also homeschooled and is now my wife) was already a freshman there and was a good ambassador for homeschoolers and the Honors College. It took me a little over a month to adjust to the workload. I took 17 credits and didn’t know what ‘shortcuts’ were, so I took notes on everything, studied too much for tests, and edited and re-edited papers until I had to print them or miss the deadline. Coming from a nontraditional environment (read: not a classroom), I was insecure about how well I would do when facing real professors and real tests and real papers. Sooner or later I wised up and figured out what professors were looking for, adjusted my study habits accordingly (read: took fewer notes), and was able to relax a little and enjoy the things I was learning. Looking back, the Honors College did a great job of fostering curiosity and teaching me to think critically, which were among the reasons my family and I had chosen to take the homeschooling route.”