Alumni on Critical Thinking

  • Andres Macchiavello

    MBA with Finance Concentration
    Standard & Poor

    “[The Honors College] provided me with the educational foundation to be a well-rounded professional and, most importantly, an efficient critical thinker. The HC was one of the greatest academic experiences of my life. I attended Harvard summer school while in high school and had many friends who attended Ivy League schools. I feel the HC prepares its students more rigorously than the average Ivy League education. I owe every bit of success I have to what I learned.”

    Justin Eppley

    Editor, Edgewise Magazine, MPA Candidate 2010
    New York University Wagner School

    “The HC is truly an invaluable asset in both grad school and my current work. I’ve often found that ARQ is a skill that few possess in their toolkits, especially in economics and policy, where questioning the assumptions of diverse interests requires the quick thinking that the HC core well-equipped me for versus my colleagues.

    “In economics, we are sometimes led astray by assuming all humans think rationally. But, I’ve often noticed in meetings how an unexpected perspective is more valued than obvious ones we were taught and expected to know. The HC more than provided that ability to find that unexpected angle, because the HC core teaches you to think, not what to think.”

    Tom Bogacz

    M.A., Fordham
    Consultant, McLagan

    “The best consultants are those that think intuitively and creatively when solving client problems. The Honors College taught me how to break down complex questions, find fallacies with arguments and assumptions, and re-form conclusions to optimally understand an issue. In addition to prying apart difficult questions, the Honors College gave me the confidence to challenge ideas that I don’t agree with and clearly present my ideas to win consensus. I view my Honors College skills as my “secret tool kit,” and they continue to define me as one of the most intuitive and creative consultants in our office.”