Alumni on Core

  • Erin Lambert (2008)

    University of Wisconsin, Madison—Ph.D. program, History
    “The HC curriculum has been the most important factor in shaping my research interests: I do interdisciplinary work in musicology, visual studies, and the history of religion.I'm in my third year at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, working on a Ph.D. in early modern European history. Right now, I'm taking my qualifying exams and getting ready to spend next year in the Netherlands and Germany working on my dissertation. My topic is, specifically, ideas about the resurrection of the dead in sixteenth-century Dutch and German Reformed, Lutheran, and Catholic communities, especially as expressed in hymns and illustrations. More broadly, I’m looking at the interaction of images and music, and the cultural construction of religious difference.”

    Dee Redick (2004)

    “Now that I am out of school and working with college students at a small liberal arts college, I realize just how special of a program we had. The opportunities we were given (enhancement funding for travel and internships) and the challenges we were presented, editing papers, critically thinking, approaching tough questions from multiple perspectives. Just now is my school working to institute some of the opportunities and challenges that the HC has already had in place for years.”