Professor Francis Allard

  • Francis AllardDr. Allard holds college degrees in various fields, including a B.Sc. in Biology (McGill University), a B.A. in Archaeology (University of Cambridge), an M.A. in Museum Studies (University of Toronto), and a Ph.D. in Anthropology (University of Pittsburgh). His research focuses on the archaeology of complex societies, expanding empires, and nomadic pastoralism in different regions of East Asia, especially China, where he has lived and studied at various times since the early 1980s. Following the completion of a six-year-long field project in Mongolia (which included the participation of IUP students), he has recently begun a new archaeological project in the province of Fujian in southeast China. As one of the Science Core teachers in the Honors College, Dr. Allard enjoys the seminar nature of class meetings, as well the fact that instructors and students are encouraged to explore topics from the perspective of multiple disciplines and viewpoints.