HC Advantage

  • Dr. Cashdollar and a studentHere is a quick breakdown of the advantages of the Honors College:

    • Affordable cost. Your tuition is the same as IUP tuition.
    • Early registration for classes. Honors students are among the first to register.
    • Small class sizes. Classes are limited to twenty students for honors classes.
    • Real faculty. All classes are taught by experienced professors, not graduate students.
    • Internships, study abroad, and special opportunities.
    • An honors residence hall. Our building offers a library, meeting rooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, music practice room, and study lounges.

    “No other school in the country does what CHC does, as well as it does, for so little money. We do it very well. That is helping our reputation as a source of smart workers and thinkers across the board. That reputation will make it easier for our alumni to get a job, and then a better one. Having CHC stamped on your class ring is becoming a big asset, and it will become bigger.” — Robert Cook