History Department Alumni Newsletters

  • Our alumni are a very important part of our success. Their success is our success, and we want to share that with our students and community.

    This page will feature our alumni newsletters. If you are an alumnus and would like to contribute your information, please e-mail dgryczuk@iup.edu.

    You may wish to provide:

    • Name
    • IUP graduating class
    • Degree/major
    • City/State where you live
    • Employment information
    • Anecdotes on your favorite History Department faculty member
    • What is happening with you (marriage, family, charity work, etc.)
  • 2019 History Alumni Newsletter
    Alumni interviews with Gina Tam and Kyle Eagleton, Undergraduate Conference highlights, scholarships winners, our Distinguished University Professor, and more!
    2018 History Alumni Newsletter
    Alumni interviews with Lynn Rice and Joshua McConnell, scholarship winners, profile of Dr. Irwin Marcus, and more