Tamara Whited

  • Tamara L. WhitedTamara Whited received her PhD and MA in history from the University of California at Berkeley, and her AB in history and literature from Harvard University. She is a professor of history at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she teaches courses on environmental history, modern France from 1789 to the present, postwar Europe, and World War One, in addition to honors colloquia and graduate seminars on a variety of topics.

    Whited is the author of Forests and Peasant Politics in Modern France (Yale University Press, 2000), and the principal author of Northern Europe: An Environmental History (ABC–Clio, 2005), a synthesis that treats the topic from the Paleolithic era to the present. Her current research focuses on the environmental history of food production, namely alpine dairying and common property regimes in the Western Pyrenees of France.