R. Scott Moore

  • Scott Moore

    R. Scott Moore (PhD, Ohio State University, 2000) teaches courses on ancient Greece, Rome, the Byzantine empire, medieval history, classical archaeology, and digital history. His research focuses on trade and communication in the Eastern Mediterranean from the second through the eighth centuries AD.

    Dr. Moore has participated in archaeological projects in Cyprus and Greece, as well as several underwater archaeology projects in North America. His recent publications include Archaeology and History in Roman, Medieval, Post-Medieval Greece with Caraher and Hall, and Pyla-Koutsopetria: Archaeological Survey of a Late Roman Coastal Town with Caraher and Pettegrew.

    Since 2003, he has been the co-director of the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project (PKAP), an American Schools of Oriental Research affiliated field project. This is a diachronic, intensive archaeological investigation of a five-square-km area on the southern coast of Cyprus. The overall aim of the project is to determine the relationship between the material culture of this stretch of coastline and other coastal sites on the island, inland sites in the vicinity of Larnaka, and the Eastern Mediterranean more generally. In addition to his work with PKAP, Dr. Moore is also working with several other archaeological projects on Cyprus: the Princeton-Polis excavations and the Kourion Urban Space Project

    Dr. Moore is also currently serving as the department chairperson.

    Dr. Moore also maintains additional pages.