Joseph Mannard

  • Joseph Mannard

    Joseph Mannard (PhD, University of Maryland 1989) is a specialist in nineteenth-century US social history, with strong interests in the antebellum reform period and in religious history. His research deals with the lives of Roman Catholic nuns in the nineteenth century, a topic that illuminates the histories of charitable work, education, immigration, and women.

    Dr. Mannard offers courses in Early American Thought and Culture, Early Republic, Religion in America, and Women in America. His most recent publication is “‘Our Dear Houses Are Here, There, and Everywhere’:  The Convent Revolution in Antebellum America,” American Catholic Studies: Journal of the American Catholic Historical Society Vol. 128, No. 2 (Summer 2017): 1–27. Currently, he is researching the life of Ann Gertrude Wightt, the first “runaway nun” in US history.