Alan Baumler

  • Alan BaumlerAlan Baumler (PhD, University of Illinois) is the department’s specialist on China and East Asia. He teaches classes on Early China, Modern China, Modern Japan, and history of East Asia as well as various topics classes.

    His research interests center on the political and cultural history of the Chinese Republic. His publications include Worse than Floods and Wild Beasts: The Chinese and Opium under the Republic Albany: SUNY Press, 2007 and Keep Calm and Carry On:  Airmindedness and Mass Mobilization During the War of Resistance. Journal of Chinese Military History 5:1 (June, 2016): 1-36.

    He is an editor of the Chinese Historical Reviewa journal that publishes original research on China’s history from every time period. He is a member of the Asian history blog Frog in a Well.