Christine D. Baker

  • Christine D. BakerAssistant Professor of History

    History Department Assistant Chair (Spring 2020)

    • Office: 304K Humanities and Social Sciences Building
    • Phone: 724-357-2766
    • Email:

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    • PhD, University of Texas at Austin

    Academic Interest

    • Middle East


    Professor Baker’s book, Medieval Islamic Sectarianism (Bradford, UK: Arc Medieval Press, 2019), focuses on discourses on “heterodoxy” and “orthodoxy” in medieval Islam, examining the formation of different forms of Muslim identity in 10th-century North Africa, Iraq, and Iran and how the development of those identities were portrayed and remembered in historical narrative.

    Her current research focuses on two projects. First, editing a volume on diversity in the medieval Islamic world. Second, she is researching Muslims living in non-urban communities in the United States and collecting oral histories with Erin Conlin (IUP History Department) and Michelle Sandhoff (IUP Sociology Department).

    Baker offers courses on the medieval and modern Middle East, the Islamic world, and the Mediterranean as well as Queer History.

    Spring 2020 Courses

    • HIST 198 - Explorations in Global History
    • HIST 230 - Queer Global History
    • HIST 339 - Jihad and the Origin of Islamic Movements in the Middle East