Supplemental Information

This supplemental information is for professors who are directing undergraduate history honors theses. First, the History Department is exceptionally grateful for your willingness to undertake this responsibility. While the satisfaction of directing a very able student's work may ultimately provide its own best reward, the university does provide modest compensation under the CBA guidelines for independent study payment. You and your student will be recognized at the History Department commencement. If your student is in the Cook Honors College, your name will be listed as the student's thesis director in the Honors College graduation program as well, and you will be invited to attend the ceremony and join the students and their guests as they celebrate their accomplishments.

Note: Please read the student section as well for two reasons: First, it is important for you to know what students are being told about their choices and responsibilities. Second, much of the detail about procedures is not repeated here. The faculty section of the guide supplements but does not replace the student sections.

Money Matters

Are any costs covered for the student? Will you be compensated?

Grading Standards for an Undergraduate Thesis

You should not underestimate the ability of an honors student to produce truly superior work when challenged to do so. 

Depositing copies in the History Department and the Honors College

 One copy of the final product, signed by the thesis committee thesis, is bound and kept in the History Department offices....

The Thesis Defense

 The concluding oral examination should follow the procedures typical of a graduate thesis defense, although with performance standards appropriate for an advanced undergraduate.

The Thesis Committee

How many people are on the committee and what are the requirements?

The Thesis Proposal

A well-written proposal not only helps keep the student focused, it also helps avoid subsequent misunderstandings about the quality or quantity of work you expect.

Helping your student register for a thesis

Did you know your student must submit the Independent Study Form and proposal for each semester they are working on their thesis?

History Students and the Thesis Experience

 Although an honors thesis is an excellent culminating experience, it is not equally appropriate for all majors or career paths.