Graduation Procedure

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    Visit MyIUP to apply online.

    New Deadlines:

    • May Graduation: Deadline to Apply is November 15
    • August Graduation: Deadline to Apply is April 1
    • December Graduation: Deadline to Apply is April 1

    The History Department ceremony is in May, but previous December, current May, and soon-to-be August graduates are encouraged to participate. Students will receive an invitation which will tell the day and time of the celebration. Usually a reception takes place starting at 8:30 a.m. with refreshments followed by the hour-long ceremony. Graduates are to be at the appointed time by 8:45 a.m. in cap and gown to process to the stage for the ceremony. After the departmental celebration, you may then proceed to attend the university graduation.

    Graduation Checklist

    Please make sure that you check the following items before leaving IUP:

    • Are you sure you have completed all of your degree requirements? Check with your department to see if you have any loose ends to tie up. Remember, bachelor’s degree recipients must completed at least 120 credits and have at least a 2.00 grade point average.
    • Be sure you have applied for graduation at the Registrar’s Office in Clark Hall by the deadline. The name printed on your diploma comes from your graduation application. If you need to change it, do so now before your diploma is printed by the Registrar’s Office. Make sure you specify that you want to change your address where your diploma is to be sent.
    • Keep in mind when ordering transcripts that final clearance for degrees by colleges/departments takes approximately four weeks after the end of the semester. Check to be sure your degree is posted before requesting a transcript.
    • Check with your department to make sure any secondary majors and/or minors for which you have applied have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office for posting.
    • If you have a Perkins loan, you may need to schedule an exit interview with the Loans and Scholarships Office (724-357-2243). If you have a Federal Stafford or Federal Supplemental loan, please go to the Financial Aid Office during regular business hours to have an exit interview. Please be sure that the Office of Housing and Residence Life has your current local/campus address on file so that exit interview information reaches you.
    • Check IUP Career Services Office, 302 Pratt Hall, to find out how to receive job notices, how to schedule for graduate professional examinations, tips on finding jobs, and information on resume writing.
    • Return any library materials, athletic equipment, Health Center equipment, etc., before you leave. Also, please don’t forget to pay outstanding fees.
    • Submit a “change of address” card to the U.S. Post Office. Also, make sure the Registrar’s Office has your correct regular mailing address and also a correct address to which your diploma is to be mailed. Your regular mailing address (where grades and bills are sent) and your diploma mailing address are separate in the Registrar’s database.
    • Clean your apartment and have your landlord inspect it for return of your deposit. Be sure he is given a note with your home address to return security deposit if you don’t receive it before departure.
    • Pick up your cap and gown and commencement announcements at the Co-op Store if attending the ceremony.