The Endnote: Volume 2

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  • Cavour and Garibaldi in Italian Unification
    Cavour and Garibaldi in Italian Unification Gina Russo Gina Russo is a freshman history major with an Asian studies minor. Her historical interests include imperial and modern Chinese history and World War I. She intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Chinese history. This paper was originally written for Dr. Paul Arpaia's Italy
    Editorial Staff Biographies
    Staff Biographical Information Whitney Hampson is a junior history major with minors in women's studies and theater. She is particularly interested in the history of 19th and 20th century American gender, sexuality, and relationships. After IUP, she plans on going to graduate school and becoming a professor of American
    Immutable Force
    America, the Atom Bomb, and Postwar Diplomacy
    Konungur, Herkonungur, Godi
    Power Dynamics and Roles in the Viking Age
    Letter from Distinguished Professor
    A Letter from Dr. Charles D. Cashdollar Forty years ago at this time, I was completing my undergraduate degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania—or Indiana State College as it still was in the spring of 1965. There was no separate history department; about ten history professors were grouped together in one departm
    Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
    iii A Letter from the Editor-in Chief When I realized that the Department of History at IUP did not have a student edited and published journal, I knew that I would have to take some initiative for one of a few times in my collegiate career. I greatly prefer to live in the shadowy outer regions of academia than within
    Looking to the Future
    Patrons in Illuminated Manuscripts
    Mining the Future
    The Anthracite Strike of 1902 as a Paradigmatic Shift in United States Labor Relations - Chapter Two: Two Similar Strikes, Two Different Outcomes
    Nunneries as an Alternative to Marriage
    Nunneries as an Alternative to Marriage Cornelis Oudenaarden Cornelis is a senior history and religious studies major and is originally from the Netherlands. His interests lie in the social history of the Reformation in Germany and the Netherlands. After IUP, he hopes to attend graduate school to study Reformation hist
    On Account of Color or Sex
    A Historical Examination of the Split Between Black Rights and Women's Rights in the American Equal Rights Association, 1866-1869
    The Role of Medieval Women as Monastic Patrons
    The Role of Medieval Women as Monastic Patrons Erin Lambert Erin is a senior majoring in history and music performance. Her interests are in late-medieval and early modern Europe, women's history, and sacred music. After graduating from IUP, Erin plans to pursue graduate study in historical musicology. This paper was o