Health and Human Services Academic Support Services

  • Students in Health and Human Services who are undecided or in academic difficulty can obtain academic advising, career and study skills resources, and referrals to other campus offices here. The location and contact information for the HHS Office Academic Support Services is provided at the end of this page.

    How to make an appointment:

    1. If you have not registered for HHS Academic Support Services, do so by calling 724-357-2560.
    2. Schedule an appointment at the same number or by logging into WebCT.
    3. If you are on probation, complete the Academic Recovery Form before visiting the Academic Support Center.

    Important Terminology

    Academic good standing — the student has a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

    Probation — Any student with a grade point average less than a 2.0 is placed on academic probation. A student who is not in good academic standing could be dismissed if grades do not improve.

    Academic recovery — The purpose of academic recovery is to assist students who have been placed on academic probation as a result of unsatisfactory academic achievement. Students on probation must meet with the graduate assistant in the college Academic Support Center and/or the director of Academic Planning and Assessment to develop an individualized plan to improve academic performance.

    Individualized improvement plan — Students on probation must develop this plan with the Academic Support Center. The plan outlines activities and behaviors that the student must carry out as well as goals the student must meet in order to improve grades. Students showing satisfactory progress towards meeting their academic goals may appeal for extension of probation if they should find themselves needing a second semester of probation or if they are pending dismissal based on their cumulative grade point average.

    Academic Planning Personnel

    Dr. Sally McCombie
    Office of Dean's Associate

    Mrs. Beverly Mastalski
    Administrative Assistant

    Dr. Sally McCombie will be assisted by three graduate assistants, who will meet on a regular basis with students on probation.

    Academic Recovery Resources

    Please check back regularly for helpful resources. Students on probation can find information about academic recovery on the Academic Recovery form in the Forms section.