Welcome, spring 2021 College of Health and Human Services students! Our goals during this unique time are to minimize the health risk, while continuing to provide high-quality programs that focus on student success and support.

The College of Health and Human Services is operating in-person/on-campus-delivery for the following programs/majors:

  • Nursing, BS (Clinicals and Labs)
  • Medical Imaging, BS (Clinicals and Labs)
  • Medical Technology, BS (Clinicals and Labs)
  • Respiratory Care, BS (Clinicals and Labs)
  • Academy of Culinary Arts (Punxsutawney Campus)
    • Baking and Pastry
    • Culinary Arts
  • Criminal Justice Training Center (Act 120: Municipal Police Academy)
  • Center for Rural Health and Safety (EMT and Paramedic)
  • Athletic Training, BS
  • Dietetic Internship Certificate, Graduate
  • Hospitality Management, BS (on campus courses: HOSP 220, 330 and 413)
  • Interior Design, BS
  • Medical Imaging, BS(Non-Clinical/Lab Courses)
  • Medical Technology, BS(Non-Clinical/Lab Courses)
  • Nursing, BS (Non-Clinical/Lab Courses)
  • Nutrition/Culinary Dietetics, BS (on campus course: HOSP 330)
  • Nutrition/Dietetics, BS (on campus course: HOSP 330)
  • Physical Ed and Sport/Exercise Science, BS
  • Respiratory Care, BS (Non-Clinical/Lab Courses)
  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences, BS (just a few classes need to be on campus, which the program will communicate with students)
  • Sport Science/Exercise Science, MS

The following programs will be delivered remotely starting January 19 until February 8, at which time classes will resume delivery as indicated at the time of registration.

  • Community Health Education, Health and Physical Education BS and MEd
  • Criminology, BA, MA, and PhD and Criminology - Pre-law, BA
  • Family and Consumer Science Education, BS
  • Fashion Merchandising, BS
  • Food and Nutrition - Nutrition track (BS) and graduate (MS) program
  • Health Service Administration, MS
  • Human Development and Family Science, BS
  • Human Resources and Employment Relations, MA
  • K-12 Teacher Education, Physical Education, Health and Physical Education, BS and MEd
  • Nursing, MS and PhD
  • Public Health, BS
  • Safety Sciences, MS and PhD
  • Sport Administration, BS and Sport Management, Sport Science MS

Our faculty and program coordinators are working with individual students to ensure their success. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. If you have classes outside of the College of Health and Human Services, please contact your instructor of record for more information.

Additional Thoughts for Spring 2021

  • The president encouraged students returning to follow CDC guidelines about limiting travel and interactions with others. Therefore, all students are asked to take special precautions to avoid exposure for at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

  • IUP is strongly recommendingbut not requiringCOVID-19 testing prior to return to campus. IUP will offer testing opportunities to students. More information about this testing can be found at Health and Safety Plans for 2020-21 AY.

  • The computer lab space has been reconfigured on the campus with slightly fewer computers available. Therefore, if you have a computer or laptop, we would encourage you to bring it back with you.

  • Most of all, please remember we are here to answer any questions you might have. Do not hesitate to email anytime, either your advisor, course instructor, department chair, or the Dean's Office at jon.cooper@iup.edu, or call 724-357-2555.

Take good care.

Sylvia S. Gaiko, PhD
Dean, College of Health and Human Services