Student Information

  • Field experiences offer career exploration opportunities in a variety of fields and provide valuable hands-on experience in your field of study.

    In general, students who complete field experiences are more marketable and may find that the experience leads to a permanent job. The student also has the chance to develop good references and the opportunity for professional networking. Students may, depending on their major and the specific responsibilities and site hours, earn between one to 12 academic credits for their field experience.

    Two students smiling during their field experience opportunityField Experience Opportunities

    These work experiences are closely monitored by university supervisors who consult with on-site supervisors. For specific field experience criteria in your major, the field experience checklist, and application, please see the department’s website at the link below:

  • Hospitality Management
  • All employers wanting to sponsor a credit-bearing field experience must have a completed and approved Field Experience Agreement with IUP.  Students cannot go on-site until the agreement is approved, which can take 45 days or more, so the student should plan accordingly. 

    Hospitality Management student at workA student can verify a prospective employer has a current agreement with IUP via the IUP wiki web page. After logging into the IUP system with your credentials, click on PDFs of Currently Active Agreements to confirm the employer has an active field experience agreement with IUP. If there is no active agreement, contact the field experience coordinator at the above links to start the approval process.