Courses and Information

Doctoral Degree Candidacy Requirements

Each student admitted to a doctoral program receives doctoral degree candidacy after completing 15 graduate credits beyond the master's degree, with a GPA of 3.0. To be eligible for graduation, students must complete the 61 credits specified in the curriculum, successfully pass the comprehensive examinations, and successfully defend a dissertation proposal and completed dissertation.

The core components for the program seem to provide the fundamentals for research and study to help us achieve our goals.

-Jean Harvey

Full-time and Part-time Options

Most students engaged in the ALS-PhD program are mid-career working professionals and, as such, prefer a part-time educational experience. These students typically take two courses year-round (regular fall and spring semesters, and a summer session from late May through late July.) Courses usually meet approximately three hours a night, one time a week. A few students prefer to attend courses full time; full-time study is considered three courses per semester. These students usually are those with an assistantship.

For a complete listing of ALS courses, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Program requirements are as follows:

Core Courses: 25 Credits
Course Number Course Title Credits
LDRS 800 ProSeminar 1
LDRS 801 Leadership Theories 3
LDRS 802 Leadership Applications 3
LDRS 810 Nonprofit Management 3
LDRS 811 Administration in the Public Sector 3
SOC 804 Social Policy 3
SOC 802 Classical Social and Organizational Theory 3
SOC 803 Contemporary Social and Organizational Theory 3
ECON 820 Managerial Economics for Decision Making and Leadership 3
Research Component: 27 Credits
Course Number Course Title Credits
SOC 862 Analysis Social Date (Statistics) 3
SOC 863 Quantitative Research Methods I 3
SOC 864 Quantitative Research Methods II 3
SOC 865 Qualitative Methods for the Social Sciences 3
LDRS 861 Program Evaluation 3
LDRS 900 Dissertation Seminar 3
LDRS 995 Dissertation 9
Electives: 9 Credits*
Course Number Course Title Credits
TBD Nine credits from among any graduate-level courses with approval from the coordinator 9

*Students can transfer up to six credits from either graduate coursework taken within the past five years or courses taken at another university, if the Graduate School approves equivalency with IUP courses. Discuss these options with the ALS Program Coordinator.