Health and Wellness Promotion Advocates Wellness on Social

Posted on 2/3/21 9:07 PM

Health and Wellness Promotion invites the entire campus community to follow them on Instagram @IUPAWARE to learn more about health and wellness.

Their social media campaign is made up of posts for “Motivational Mondays,” “Wellness Wednesdays,” and “Fresh Food Fridays.”

Wellness Wheel showing that a well-balanced, well-rounded sense of self-wellness covers the areas of environmental, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, financial, and occupational Motivational Mondays

Will provide inspiring messages encouraging students to start the week off on a positive note.

Wellness Wednesdays

Will provide information on various health and wellness topics to motivate students to stay active, be positive, and help others. Posts will also provide more information on self-care.

Fresh Food Fridays

Will feature videos that will demonstrate how to make a home-cooked meal or a snack healthy and yummy!

Health and Wellness Promotion kindly thanks all of its followers and those who go the extra mile to share this information with students.