About Our Interior Design Faculty

Dr. Susan Venatta Professor Susan Venatta brings to her classroom interior design experience for clients across Pennsylvania covering a variety of interior settings, including businesses, offices, and health care facilities.

Fostering Creativity Through Experience and Guidance

IUP's interior design faculty members bring a mix of different commercial experiences along with a commitment to research and scholarship. All of them have doctorates and, prior to entering academia, they worked professionally as interior designers. They each bring specialized expertise in either residential or commercial spaces.

  • Our professors really know every student in the program. They take an active role in helping students determine and follow through on their goals. One of the ways they do this by requiring that all students have regular face-to-face meetings with their advisors.
  • Many professors continue to consult, which is one way they keep current with industry trends.
  • Our faculty members are active conducting research.
  • Our professors foster creative approaches to design solutions.