The Green Light Campaign

  • The Green Light Campaign was created by IUP students for IUP students to spread AWAREness about consent, healthy relationships, and violence prevention.

    The green button represents IUP’s commitment to making campus safer for all of us. It’s a visual reminder that violence should not be a part of our campus community. It is a way to display our dedication to making IUP safer for everyone.

    Green Light LogoWhy Green?

    The green button is just that, a blank green button. We chose to make it this way so that people will stop and ask you why you have a blank green button. At that time, you can share the message of the Green Light Campaign. 

    The next time someone asks you "What's up with the green button?" you can explain that AWARE Peer Educators (students just like you) created the green button to:

    • Talk about healthy relationships and consent (see below for more information).
    • Create and maintain a campus environment that is supportive of victims and survivors of violence.
    • Show that IUP students can and will create a safer campus community free of violence.

    P.S. Don't forget to ask where their green button is.

    Rock Your Green Button!

    Join the Green Light Campaign today by picking up a free green button at any Haven Project event, or stop by the main desk of the Center for Health and Well-Being.

    Wear it to show solidarity.

    Wear it to support survivors.

    Wear it to show how much of an impact we are having on making this campus safer.