All Forms

  • Throughout your career as a graduate student, required forms act as milestones documenting your academic progress.

    The forms you will submit prior to starting your research and as part of finishing the degree process are listed below.

    All forms are due in the Thesis-Dissertation Office by the final submission date for student theses/dissertations. Failure to submit any of the required paperwork will affect your graduation plans.

    Before Starting Your Research

    No student research can begin before a Research Topic Approval Form (RTAF) has been approved by the School of Graduate Studies and Research. When approval is granted, a letter will be sent to your IUP e-mail account. You may not commence research until you receive this letter.  Please read the instructions for completing this form.

    This form requires signatures of the student’s committee members and graduate program coordinator. Therefore, it must be initiated by the student well ahead of the School of Graduate Studies and Research deadline.

    Changes to your committee or research topic require one of the change forms listed above. Minor changes, including thesis/dissertation title changes, do not require the submission of a new RTAF.

    Finishing Your Degree

    In addition to submitting their theses/dissertations, graduate students are required to submit several forms to complete the graduation process.

    Applying for Graduation

    Master and doctoral degree candidates must apply for graduation online in MyIUP.

    All students are required to apply for graduation by the established deadlines.

    Students who need to provide graduation verification to prospective employers or sponsor program administrators prior to the official graduation date can request a letter by e-mailing

    Forms for Electronic Dissertation and Thesis Submission

    All dissertations and theses must be submitted electronically and publishing agreements must be submitted to the Thesis/Dissertation office.

    See Preparing and Submitting Electronic Theses and Dissertations for final submission instructions.

    Additional Forms

    The Survey of Earned Doctorates is a federal survey that is conducted by the University of Chicago on behalf of several government agencies. All Ph.D. candidates are asked to complete this survey and submit it to the Thesis-Dissertation Office.