Semester Course Syllabi University Policy

  • Each faculty member shall prepare and distribute a course syllabus, without charge, to each student within one week of the start of the course. The syllabus will be consistent with the course content and catalog description that was approved by the Curriculum Committee of the University Senate for the initial course offering or revision.

    Course syllabi may be distributed in hard copy or electronic versions. The course syllabus is a vehicle of communication to promote student academic planning and to avoid misunderstandings of the course plan and requirements.

    It is recommended that each syllabus include:

    1. the faculty member’s name, office location, telephone number, IUP e-mail address, and office hours,

    2. an outline of the course content, objectives, and prerequisites, as appropriate,

    3. information about any required textbook(s) with title, author, and edition, as well as any other required materials,

    4. information on the determination of grades, including the weight, types, and scheduling of evaluations, other planned requirements, academic integrity, expectations for class participation, and attendance,

    5. a statement of policies and/or penalties for make-up exams and late submission of assignments,

    6. a statement addressing accommodations for students with disabilities.