Total University Withdrawal Policy for Graduate Students

  • The Total University Withdrawal policy provides students who are unable to complete a semester with the option of withdrawing from all classes, or from the university, for that semester.

    During the Fall and Spring semesters, Total University Withdrawals may be processed between the first day of classes and the end of the eleventh week of the semester. During summer parts of term, the deadline is the two-thirds point of each summer course for which the student is registered. Students taking a total university withdrawal from all of their courses at IUP may find their financial aid for that particular semester affected. Questions about the financial impact of withdrawal should be addressed to the Office of the Bursar and/or the Office of Financial Aid.

    Students voluntarily withdrawing from the university must withdraw from each of their courses via MyIUP. In addition, they must contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research office. Once the Total University Withdrawal has been processed, a withdraw designation (“W”) will be assigned to all registered courses in the semester from which the student is withdrawing and his or her student status will be changed to “inactive.”

    With the exception of documented “Call to Active Duty” withdrawals, all withdrawals follow the deadline dates set for the semester.