Course Attendance Policy

  • The Graduate Course Attendance Policy proposed by the School of Graduate Studies and Research mirrors that of the Undergraduate Course Attendance Policy. The policy provides guidelines that respect faculty driven attendance standards and consequences for not meeting those standards while recognizing that students may need to miss class for justified reasons. This policy applies to all graduate students and graduate courses.

    Graduate Course Attendance Policy

    The university expects all students to attend class. Individual faculty members may define attendance standards appropriate to each course and the consequences of not meeting those standards, within the following guidelines:

  • Each policy must be distributed in writing during the first week of the course. Normally, it is expected that the information dealing with class attendance standards will be distributed with the course syllabus.
  • Each policy must define some limited level of allowable absence.
  • Each policy must recognize a student's need to miss class because of illness, personal emergency, university-sponsored activities, bereavement, or active military duty.
  • Each policy must not penalize students who add the class during the regular or specified university drop-add period and must allow those students to make up work missed before adding the class.