Professional Science Masters in Applied and Industrial Chemistry

  • This program represents IUP’s commitment to educating students to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow's industries. In addition to science proficiency courses, the student will take a set of Professional Development courses designed to augment the student's scientific knowledge with communication, business and management skills to better prepare students to meet the technology challenges of a company. The program will also prepare the student for advancement to management positions within the company.

    General Admission Requirements

    Students should have completed one year each of inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, general physics, and calculus. Students wishing to specialize in biochemistry should also have had an undergraduate course in biochemistry. A student deficient in the above areas of study may also be admitted, provided these deficiencies are made up concurrently with the student's graduate studies.

    Program Requirements

    I.  Required Courses—The student must complete 12 credits from the following:
    CHEM 511
    Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    3 cr.
    CHEM 521
    Advanced Instrumental Methods of Analysis
    3 cr.
    CHEM 531
    Organic Molecular Structure Determination
    3 cr.
    CHEM 535 Current Topics in Organic Chemistry
    3 cr.
    CHEM 542
    Advanced Physical Chemistry
    3 cr.
    CHEM 560
    Chemistry and Phys of Material
    3 cr.
    CHEM 561
    Modern Diffraction
    3 cr.
    CHEM 581
    Special Topics
    3 cr.
    CHEM 610
    Inorganic Chemistry
    3 cr.
    CHEM 620
    Analytical Chemistry
    3 cr.
    CHEM 623
    Phys. and Chem. Methods of Separation
    3 cr.
    CHEM 630
    Organic Chemistry 
    3 cr.
    CHEM 646
    3 cr.
    CHEM 662
    Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes
    3 cr.
    CHEM 681
    Special Topics
    3 cr.
    BIOC 502
    Advanced Biochemistry
    3 cr.
    II. Electives (3–6 cr.)
    CHEM 690
    3-6 cr.

    The student may, with the advice and approval of the advisor, select electives from chemistry, physics, biology, or mathematics. 

    III. Professional Development Courses (6–9 cr.)

    The student, with the advice and approval of the advisor, is required to complete a minimum of six semester hours of non-science graduate level courses from the College of Business and Information Technology. Some possibilities include:

    BLAW 633
    Case Problems in Business Law
    3 cr.
    MGMT 551
    International Management
    3 cr.
    MGMT 562
    Applied Business Leadership Skills
    3 cr.
    MGMT 613
    Organizational Analysis
    3 cr.
    QBUS 601
    Data Analysis and Decision Making
    3 cr.
    IV. Research Experience and Internship (6 cr.)†
    CHEM 600
    2 cr.
    CHEM 799
    Internship Experience
    4 cr.

    *At least 15 credits from the total of required and elective courses must come from 600-level or higher.

    †Students who opt to do their internship experience with a faculty member should first enroll in CHEM 690 with that faculty member as the instructor of record.

    The PSM Coordinator provides guidance in exploring external internship sites, but the student is responsible for initiating and securing an internship with an industry supervisor. The internship experience must lead to an acceptable written report, approved by the student's academic and industry supervisory committee. The student must present the results of experiences as a seminar open to all graduate students, faculty and members of the sponsoring company.