FDNT: Food and Nutrition

  • Department of Food and Nutrition

    College of Health and Human Services

    FDNT 515 Sustainable Nutrition 3 cr.

    Explores food system sustainability issues from farm to fork, including food production, preparation, processing, packaging, and distribution. Assesses the sustainability of current dietary recommendations and the environmental impact of food choices. Evaluates food security from a national and global perspective.

    FDNT 522/* Public Health Nutrition and Epidemiology 3 cr.

    Identifies population-based needs and approaches for prevention and alleviation of diet-related conditions. Explores methodological issues involved in the design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of studies investigating the relationship between nutritional status, diet, and disease. Examines the application of nutrition research related to nutrition assessment and program and policy design and evaluation to improve the nutritional status and health of diverse population groups. Prerequisite: FDNT 145 or 212 and MATH 214 or 216 or 217, or Department Permission.

    FDNT 558/* Advanced Human Nutrition 3 cr.

    In-depth study of the nutrients and their functions within the cell. Incorporation of the principles of physiology and biochemistry in the study of nutrition. Emphasis on current research. Prerequisites: FDNT 212, CHEM 255, and BIOL 151.

    FDNT 564/* Food and Nutrition Research Methods 3 cr.

    Focuses on research methodology with application to food and nutrition. Critical analysis and evaluation of food and nutrition research, including quantitative and qualitative research design and statistical methods. The importance of utilizing nutrition research in disease prevention and health promotion, and as a basis for setting professional practice standards and health policy will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 571/* Integrative Nutrition in Complementary and Alternative Healthcare 3 cr.

    Explores the foundation of complementary, alternative, integrative and functional nutrition theories and practices. Differentiates among traditional, complementary, alternative, integrative, and functional nutrition models as related to food, supplements, herbs, and disease. Evaluates current research related to complementary, alternative, integrative and functional nutrition. Prerequisite: FDNT 145, 212, or Department Permission.

    FDNT 581 Special Topics 3 or 4 cr.

    FDNT 612 Administration of Food Service Systems 3 cr.

    Addresses food service as a system of interrelated parts and of controlling management resources. Analyzes different types of food service delivery systems and covers legal responsibilities of a food service administrator. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 625 Community Nutrition and Policy 3 cr.

    Examines the planning, organizing, implementing, supervision, and evaluating of community nutrition programs in profit and nonprofit settings. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 630 Connecting Theory to Research and Practice 3 cr.

    Critical examination of the theories and models used in nutrition education, nutrition intervention, and nutrition counseling. Practice in using theories as a framework to guide effective research and intervention designs to promote positive food and nutrition behaviors provided. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 631 Eating Behaviors and Food Habits 3 cr.

    Investigation and analysis of historical, political, religious, ethnic, environmental, and social influences which affect food consumption patterns. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 635 Nutrition Intervention, Counseling, and Educational Strategies 3 cr.

    Addresses the selection or design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to promote food, nutrition, and health information to diverse groups in a variety of settings. Focuses on the evidence-based approaches for food and nutritional intervention, counseling, and education to promote behavior change. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 642 Contemporary Issues in Food and Nutrition 3 cr.

    Current information in foods and nutrition is investigated, analyzed, and evaluated for practical implementation.

    FDNT 645 Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats 3 cr.

    Nutritional considerations of protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. Physiological and biochemical functions of these nutrients will be discussed. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 647 Vitamins in Human Nutrition 3 cr.

    Focuses on biochemical role of vitamins in human metabolism. Examines biochemical and physiologic functions and current research implications in health and disease. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 648 Minerals and Water in Human Nutrition 3 cr.

    Focuses on biochemical role of minerals and water in human metabolism. Examines biochemical and physiological functions and current research implications in health and disease.

    FDNT 651 Professional Dietetic Practice 3 cr.

    Examines professional topics relevant to the dietetic professional. Provides a forum for clinical case study presentations and education about professional development opportunities and challenges. Prerequisite: FDNT 604 or experience as a clinical dietitian. Prerequisite: Department permission.

    FDNT 661 Designing Effective Food and Nutrition Research Projects 3 cr.

    Enhances understanding and skills in food and nutrition research and evaluation with emphasis on survey methods. Examines decisions related to research ethics, study design, sampling, recruitment, instrument development and testing, data collection, and analysis plans. Development of a defendable proposal to conduct research in food and nutrition required. Prerequisites: Department permission.

    FDNT 662 Applying Research Methods in Food and Nutrition 3 cr.

    Conduct research in food and nutrition. Participate in decisions and activities related to study design, instrument construction and pilot testing, data management and analysis, interpretation and communication of results. Prerequisites: Department permission and FDNT 661 minimum grade of C.

    FDNT 681 Special Topics 1-3 cr.

    FDNT 696 Dietetic Internship 1-6 cr.

    Supervised practice experience for students who are enrolled in IUP’s accredited dietetic internship or Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (ISPP) programs. Prerequisites: Department permission and enrollment as intern or ISPP student.

    FDNT 698 Internship 1-6 cr.

    Supervised work experience for Food and Nutrition majors. Permission: Department chairperson.

    FDNT 711 Nutrition in the Life Cycle 3 cr.

    Studies bodily functions at different stages of development under differing environmental conditions and at various levels of biological organization.

    FDNT 773 Advanced Clinical Nutrition Therapy 3 cr.

    Provides in-depth investigation of diet and nutrition in the treatment of select diseases and conditions. Will address measures of nutritional status, intervention, monitoring and evaluation using nutrition standardized language and evidence based practice. Focus will be on current nutrition issues impacting clinical practice. Prerequisites: Department permission and undergraduate coursework in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

    FDNT 795 Thesis 1-4 cr.

    FDNT 799 Independent Study in Food and Nutrition 1-3 cr.

    Prerequisite: Completion of two courses in the department requirement. Advanced study and/or selected research problems from the field of food and nutrition. May be taken for a maximum of three credits.

    *Indicates dual-listed class