Opportunities for Geoscience Majors

  • RESEARCH FOR UNDERGRADS Professor Steve Hovan involves students in his research, taking them out to sea on cruises lasting five to six weeks to collect core samples of ocean floor sediment.

    The Geoscience Department is traditionally a close-knit group, with students and faculty traveling together for coursework, research, and conferences, organizing academic and social events, and gathering weekly for an informal lunch seminar. 

    Geoscience Club

    The Geoscience Club offers departmental tutors, holds a biannual rock and mineral sale, and organizes trips to various lectures, museums, and locations of geological interest.

    Society of Exploration Geophysicists Student Chapter

    The Society of Exploration Geophysicists promotes the science of applied geophysics and the education of geophysicists. SEG fosters the expert and ethical practice of geophysics in the exploration and development of natural resources, in characterizing the near surface, and in mitigating earth hazards. SEG encourages its members to learn about the newest technologies by sponsoring speakers, publishing new theories in periodicals and other formats, and organizing continuing education classes around the world.  

    Geoscience Day

    Seniors' research projects are celebrated by faculty, students, alumni, and families at Geoscience Day, a popular annual event now in its 40th year! Seniors present their research findings; an alum returns to campus to give the keynote address; and in the evening, everyone gathers at a banquet to celebrate annual awards, scholarships, and other honors.

    Fridays are for pizza and the weekly seminar

    Each Friday at lunch the department buys pizza and holds an informal seminar for students and faculty. Students learn from invited speakers about cutting-edge research, do some professional development and networking, and hear about current events in geoscience.