Jonathan Warnock

  • Assistant Professor  JWarnockDino


    • BS, Northern Illinois University — Geology and Biology
    • MS, University of Illinois Chicago -- Geology (Paleoecology)
    • PhD, Northern Illinois University -- Geology (Micropaleontology/Paleoclimatology)

    Courses Taught

    GEOS 202 – Quantitative Methods in Geoscience
    GEOS 204 – Historical Geology

    Professional Interests

    Paleoclimatologist.  Specializing in diatom-based Silica cycle reconstruction and environmental reconstruction in the Southern Ocean and Baltic Sea via novel proxy development.

    Selected Publications (Full CV)

    • Warnock, J.P. , R.P. Scherer and M.A. Konfirst. (2015) “A record of Pleistocene diatom preservation in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica with possible implications on silica leakage.” Marine Micropaleontology. 117, 40-45, doi: 10.1007/s10933-014-9808-0
    • Dugan, H.A., P.T. Doran, B. Wagner, F. Kenig, C.H. Fritsen, S. Arcone, E. Kuhn, N.E. Ostrom, J. Warnock , and A.E. Murray. (2015) “27m of lake ice on and Antarctic lake reveals past hydrologic variability.” The Cryosphere.9, 439-450, doi: 10.5194/tcd-8-4127-2014
    • Expedition Scientists (2015) International Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 347, “Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment” Expedition Report. 

    Published Abstracts

    • Warnock, J. “Light and Scanning Electron Microscope assessments of diatom preservation. 4th Polar Marine Diatom Workshop, Cardiff, Wales. August 2013

    • Warnock, J . and R. Scherer.“Variable diatom preservation in the Holocene Prydz Bay, N.B. Palmer Core 01-01 24.”32nd Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Conference.  Portland, Oregon. July 2012
    • Warnock, J . and R. Scherer “A new proxy for diatom preservation in Southern Ocean sediments and application to Pleistocene sediments of the Amundsen Sea” 11th International Conference on Paleoceanography, Sitges, Spain. September 2013