Yvonne Branan

  • Yvonne Branan

    Assistant Professor


    • BS, IUP - Geology
    • PhD, Michigan Technological University, Volcanology

    Courses Taught:

    GEOS 101/102: Dynamic Earth Lecture and Lab
    GEOS 104: Oceans and Atmospheres Lab
    GEOS 106: Exploring the Universe Lab
    GEOS 150: Geology of National Parks
    SCI 103: Fundamentals of Earth and Space Science
    SUST 201: Introduction to Sustainability

    Selected Publications:

    Branan, Y.K., Harris, A.J.L., Watson, I.M., Horton, K., Williams-Jones, G., and Garbeil, H., 2007, Gas puffing at Masaya: Evidence for steady degassing at a persistently active system, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 169 (1–2), pp. 34–37.