Geoscience Day 2015

  • The senior geoscience majors will present their research at the 41st annual Geoscience Day.

    Where: IUP, Weyandt Hall Planetarium

    When: April 24, 2015

    Geoscience Day 2015 Program (PDF)

    Presentation Schedule

    • 8:20 a.m. – Welcome and Introduction by Dr. Steve Hovan
    • Session 1: Astronomy, Paleontology and Oceanography
      • 8:30 - Tim Kennelly: Exploring Acheron Fosse
      • 8:45 - Luke Tatarko: Observing Jovian Radio Emissions and the Effects of Solar Wind
      • 9:00 - Tyler Allen: Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Conodonts from the Jones Ridge Limestone, East-Central Alaska
      • 9:15 - Jeremiah Thomas: Paleontology and Geology of the Ore Hill Member of the Upper Cambrian Gatesburg Formation in Centre County Pennsylvania
      • 9:30 – Sierra Davis: Record of the Earliest West Antarctic Ice Sheet Beneath Ross Sea?
    • 9:45 – Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
    • Session 2: Volcanology and Structure
      • 10:00 – Megan Barlow: Crystal Size Distributions on Submarine Lava Flows at NW Rota-1, Mariana Arc
      • 10:15 – Troy Berkey: Lava Flow Mapping in the Oregon Cascades: A Morphometric and Compositional Investigation
      • 10:30 – Alisha Johnson: Determining Changes in Eruption Dynamics and Composition at NW-Rota 1
      • 10:45 - Eric Peroli: Volume Change in the Bellefonte Formation by Examination of Stylolites and Veins
      • 11:00 - Matt Magill: Volcanic Pressurization and Related Structural Fabrics at the Heart Mountain Detachment
      • 11:15 - Katie Snyder:  Where Do Forearc Slivers Form in Subduction Zones:  Preliminary Study of Tectonics in Costa Rica
    • 11:30–1:00 p.m. Lunch Break
    • Session 3:  Energy and the Environment
      • 1:00 – Jon Greenawalt: Are Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Sufficiently Accurate for Effective Use in Real Estate Decisions?
      • 1:15 – Jim Burt: Locating and Mapping Abandoned Gas Wells, Part 1 - Establishing Baseline Electromagnetic Profiles for a Former Gas Well on the IUP Campus
      • 1:30– Jody Rotto: Locating and Mapping Abandoned Gas Wells, Part 2 - Testing Baseline Electromagnetic Profiles on a Former Gas Well Near Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania
      • 1:45 - Matt Wimer: The Impact of Price Changes on Oil & Gas Exploration and Development
      • 2:00  Melissa Jones: Modeling Overburden in New York State
      • 2:15  Leslie McConnell: A Compartative Study of Brine-Injection Induced Earthquakes
    • Alumni Presentation
      • 2:303:30 p.m: Rich Parrish (’75) “A Life in the Oil Patch: My Experiences Since Graduating from IUP"