Peter Hayward

  • The Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Department of Geography is a great department for several reasons. As an undergraduate in the department, I had the opportunity to diversify my geographic education across several realms. However, at the same time the department had the resources, human and technical, to allow me to specialize on my interests.

    The faculty and staff at the IUP Department of Geography are second to none. They are varied in their interests, have intriguing backgrounds and experiences, and are always willing to help. More than anything though, I feel that these people are genuine and good. I am nearly three years removed from my time at IUP, and I consider much of the faculty in the Geography Department my friends rather than just a group of professors with whom I took a class or two. It is for these reasons that I would strongly encourage getting a degree from the Department of Geography at IUP.

    —Peter Hayward
    BA (2002): Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    MA (2004): University of California, Santa Barbara
    Current: PhD program (Geography), University of Connecticut