Undergraduate Testimonials for the Department of Geography and Regional Planning

  • Brian Sharkey
    I started my IUP career as a Communications Media major.
    Miranda Shoemaker
    As a graduate of IUP’s Geography and Regional Planning Department, I find myself prepared for anything the world throws at me!
    Anthony Pologruto
    Before college, I had no plans just dreams.  I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to handle vast amounts of information and maps, but I had no abilities or knowledge of what my next step would be. 
    Lindsay Gerner
    I analyze trends in population, transportation, income, housing, and land use for a particular region.
    Aaron Mowry
    After graduating from IUP, the internship at Altoona turned into a full-time position.
    Christopher Schmuck
    The personal guidance and detailed education at IUP has provided me with the foundation, training, and skills to excel beyond my initial expectations.
    Jason Kambitsis
    The department has a deep connection to the community that lets students put their knowledge to work.
    Kevin Scott
    I now manage more than thirty clients all over Pennsylvania.... The knowledge I gained at IUP was vital in obtaining a starting position in the field of GIS and building my career to where it is now.
    Chris Black
    The sequence of GIS courses provided me with a strong foundation in the theory and particle application of the technology.
    Peter Hayward
    The faculty and staff at the IUP Department of Geography are second to none. They are varied in their interests, have intriguing backgrounds and experiences, and are always willing to help.
    Dawn Drake
    Through closer interaction with the professors, I developed the skills and made the connections necessary for success in the discipline.