List of Regional Planning Courses per Semester

  • Every Semester
    Fall Spring Variable
    RGPL 213 Cartography I RGPL 314 Map and Photograph Interpretation RGPL 313 Cartography II RGPL 281 Special Topics
    RGPL 316 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems RGPL 350 Introduction to Planning RGPL 332 Urban Geography RGPL 345 Biogeography for Environmental Managers
    RGPL 482 Independent Study RGPL 352 Planning Methods RGPL 333 Trade and Transportation RGPL 481 Special Topics
    RGPL 483 Honors Thesis RGPL 353 Planning Design I RGPL 412 Research Seminar  
    RGPL 493 Internship RGPL 421 Regional GIS Management RGPL 417 Technical Issues in GIS  
      RGPL 468 Planning Theory RGPL 454 Planning Design II  
        RGPL 458 Land Use Law  
        RGPL 464 Land Use Policy