Geography/GIS and Cartographer Concentration, BA

  • Students work on an assignment in the field

    ANALYZING STREAM QUALITY - Students work on a rapid bioassessment of a stream segment to determine the composition of the stream and the quality of the stream as a habitat.

    Use GIS and Cartographer Skills to Chart a Successful Career

    The GIS/Cartographer track prepares students for jobs as geographic information system (GIS) specialists, facilities managers, cartographers, and remote sensing professionals. Your classes will cover methods for identifying, modeling, and analyzing the spatial organization of human and environmental systems from both practical and theoretical perspectives. Throughout your degree, you’ll gain skills in data collection, spatial information management, and graphic presentation.

    As a geography major taking the Geographic Information Systems and Cartographer track, you’ll learn to use state-of-the art techniques that are in demand in the job market.

    Learn to Design GIS Systems to User Specifications

    Among the classes you will take for this track are Cartography II, Map and Photograph Interpretation, Introduction to GIS, Remote Sensing, and Technical Issues in GIS. Some of the topics you’ll study in the classroom are vector vs. raster and object-oriented spatial data structures, cartographic design, satellite imagery, methods for designing GIS systems to user specifications, and thermal sensing.

    You’ll have opportunities to get hands-on experience with the technology you’ll use in your career through the Geography Department’s labs and weather station. Free electives allow you to add an internship or a minor, perhaps in geology, business administration, or computer science.