Geography-Energy Geotechnology-Energy Environmental Compliance, BA

  • Students learn about water systems

    UNDERSTANDING LIQUID ASSETS — Professor Richard Hoch helps students understand some of the issues communities face with waterways and water supplies and how those issues can be handled.

    Energy and the Environment: a Powerful Career Combination

    The Energy Geotechnology-Environmental Concentration prepares majors in geography for careers as spatial/geographic information systems analysts or environmental compliance professionals in the energy industries. You can also follow this degree with graduate studies.

    Learn About Coal, Natural Gas, and Wind Energy

    As a student in the Energy Geotechnology-Environmental Concentration, you’ll learn about energy resources (natural gas, coal, and wind) and the natural environment in northern Appalachia.

    The Geography and Regional Planning Department labs and facilities offer you hands-on experience with the instrumentation used by professionals. Through electives, you can add an internship, independent study, or minor such as geology.

    Study Federal and State Regulations and Compliance Standards

    You’ll also study the federal and state regulatory and compliance standards the energy industries must meet, the conceptual and technical aspects of geospatial techniques (cartography, GIS, and global positioning systems), and spatial applications used in the energy industries.