List of Geography Courses per Semester

  • Every Semester
    Fall Spring Variable
    GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography: Human Environment GEOG 231 Economic Geography GEOG 313 Cartography II GEOG 251 Geography of Pennsylvania
    GEOG 102 Geography of United States and Canada GEOG 314 Map and Photographic Interpretation GEOG 332 Urban Geography GEOG 252 Geography of Latin America
    GEOG 104 Geography of the Non-Western World GEOG 341 Climatology GEOG 342 Physiography GEOG 253 Geography of Europe
    GEOG 213 Cartography I GEOG 352 Planning Methods GEOG 412 Research Seminar GEOG 254 Geography of Russia and the Soviet Sphere
    GEOG 230 Cultural Geography GEOG 421 Enterprise GIS Management GEOG 417 Technical Issues in GIS GEOG 255 Geography of Africa
    GEOG 316 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems   GEOG 464 Land Use Policy GEOG 256 Geography of East Asia
    GEOG 415 Remote Sensing     GEOG 257 Geography of South and Southeast Asia
    GEOG 483 Honors Thesis     GEOG 261 Geography of Wine
    GEOG 493 Internship     GEOG 281 Special Topics
    GEOG 499 Independent Study     GEOG 331 Population Geography
          GEOG 334 Political Geography
          GEOG 335 Geography of  Energy
          GEOG 336 Social Geography
          GEOG 337 Historical Geography
          GEOG 343 Geography of Fresh Water Resources
          GEOG 345 Biogeography for Environmental Managers
          GEOG 418 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Crime Mapping and Social Scientific Analysis
          GEOG 419 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Environmental Applications
          GEOG 431 Geography of American Indians
          GEOG 432 Geography of Crime
          GEOG 440 Conservation: Environmental Analysis
          GEOG 481 Special Topics
          GEOG 484 Field Studies in Geography and Social Studies