Graduate Testimonials for the Department of Geography and Regional Planning

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  • D. Eric McClure
    Deciding to go back to school when you’re married with two children can be a difficult decision, and a struggle financially, but my wife and I felt it would be worth it in the end if it all worked out.
    Deb McIntyre
    I am truly proud of my degrees from IUP and the geography department there. Without them, I would never have had the skills to contribute to high-tech future defense/combat systems.
    Joseph Beard
     I am currently a technical support analyst for Environmental Research Systems Institute (ESRI), and I love it.
    Bob Oblinsky
    The skills that I obtained at IUP while participating in the Geography and Regional Planning program have taken me places of which I could not have dreamed.
    Dominik Medved
    Even when I graduated, the faculty was there to help me in my job search with useful advice and favorable references.
    Sean Howard
    I felt that I could take a holistic approach to my education, and the instructors fostered creative thought.