Graduate Geography Course Rotation

  • Every Semester
    Fall Spring Variable
    GEOG 515 Remote Sensing GEOG 511 History of Geography GEOG 513 Cartography GEOG 518 GIS Crime Map and Social Sciences Analysis
    GEOG 516 Introduction to GIS GEOG 514 Map and Photograph Interpretation GEOG 517 Technical Issues in GIS GEOG 519 GIS for Environmental Application
    GEOG 618 GIS Applications Development GEOG 521 Enterprise GIS Management GEOG 532 Urban Geography GEOG 531Population Geography
    GEOG 689 Independent Study GEOG 541 Climatology GEOG 533 Geography of Transportation and Trade GEOG 534 Political Geography
    GEOG 698 Internship GEOG 542 Physiography GEOG 554 Planning Design GEOG 536 Social Geography 
    GEOG 699 Independent Study GEOG 550 Introduction to Planning GEOG 558 Land Use Law GEOG 540 Conservation: Environmental Analysis
    GEOG 795 Thesis GEOG 552 Planning Methods GEOG 564 Land Use Policy GEOG 543 Geography of Fresh Water Resources
      GEOG 568 Planning Theory GEOG 612 Quantitative Techniques in Geography and Regional Planning GEOG 581 Special Topic
      GEOG 610 Research in Geography and Regional Planning GEOG 614 Thought and Philosophy in Geography and Regional Planning GEOG 617 Field Techniques in Geography and Planning
          GEOG 620 Spatial Structure of the Economy
          GEOG 623 Regional Development
          GEOG 625 Environmental Planning
          GEOG 630 Cultural Geography 
          GEOG 633 Settlement Geography
          GEOG 650 Regional Geography
          GEOG 665 Plan Implementation
          GEOG 670 Professional Problems in Geographic Education
          GEOG 675 Spatial Analysis Techniques
          GEOG 680 Seminar
          GEOG 681 Special Topics
          GEOG 689
          GEOG 698 Internship
          GEOG 699 Independent Study
          GEOG 795 Thesis