Mine Mapping Project

mine mapping

Why is the IUP Mine Mapping Project important?

  • It will improve the safety of all future coal mining in Pennsylvania by providing needed information about abandoned or unknown mines to decrease the risk to mine operators.
  • It will improve services to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to aid community planning for construction or renovation projects and for mine subsidence insurance programs.
  • It will provide training and experience in high-growth, high-demand fields for Pennsylvania students.
    • In 2004, the U.S. Department of Labor identified geospatial technology as a high growth field.
  • It will contribute to economic development in Pennsylvania by providing useful information for mining and other types of development projects.

Features of the On-line Map Database

The IMAPS on-line map database, available through the IUP Library, will provide users with access to mine map information that can be used by individuals, businesses, and government. Benefits include:

  • Almost real-time accessibility to a web-based, searchable, locationally-accurate mine map database
  • Improved mine safety and permitting processes
  • An invaluable resource for emergency response
  • In-demand technology education for Pennsylvania students (Geospatial/GIS)
  • A beneficial and valuable resource to the private sector
  • A national model for dealing with mine maps
  • Myriad future applications (2-and 3-dimensional modeling)

For more information, visit the Institute for Mine Mapping, Archival Procedures, and Safety.